211: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Pat Nunno Roque

211: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Pat Nunno Roque

Pat Nunno Roque

Pat Nunno Roque-

Pat Nunno Roque, the Rock Star Transformation Coach, teaches students, executives and entrepreneurs why and how golf can rock their world. Pat fell in love with golf amid a mid-life meltdown as golf helped her transform from rock bottom to rock star. When Pat turned 50, her best friend gave her a box of rocks that were painted gold and labeled with 50 things that make Pat Nunno Roque special. This touching tribute sparked Pat’s 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success blog, which has blossomed into a booming speaking and coaching schedule.

Folks across the globe call Pat the “Tony Robbins of the Golf World” thanks to these motivating and memorable presentations. As a master connector, Pat teaches folks how to appreciate their gifts to the world and attract their ideal clients. She empowers others to rock their business and their life as a global keynote speaker, business coach and consultant. Working with top resorts, PGA and LPGA teaching professionals, she inspires others to pursue their passion and rock their world in 90-days.

Pat’s infectious spirit and marketing skills helped grow the Women’s Golf Association of NJ to over 500 members. She is a top volunteer for the Barclays PGA Tour, the ShopRite LPGA Classic and more. Pat frequently contributes as an industry expert writer or commentator for Golf Talk Radio, Women in Golf, Golf Business Monitor, Golf Operator Magazine, Women in the Golf Industry and the global golf Grow the Game Initiative. She led the efforts to have June 7 declared Women’s Golf Day in her home state of NJ. Pat is married to her favorite golf partner, Alex and has 2 adult children. Together they travel the world seeking great golf courses, beaches and wine. For more information visit http://www.RockOnSuccess.com

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