Pastor Robert Thibodeau is Founder of "Freedom Through Faith Ministries"

986:Pastor Robert Thibodeau is Founder and Director of “Freedom Through Faith Ministries”


Robert Thibodeau-

Names: Robert Thibodeau (aka “Brother Bob”)

Home base: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Started in the Ministry: 1992

Licensed Minister:  1995

Ordained: 1999

Ordination Organization:  Heritage of Faith Ministerial Organization, Crowley, Texas, USA


Ministry Experience: 

National Concert Coordinator for

Dr. Vernard Johnson (2 years); Assistant Church Pastor (5 years);

Senior Church Pastor (2 years); Chaplain of MdTA Fraternal Order of Police ( 4 years);

Director of Hope International, Inc. (a ministry providing support to children in Haiti) (3 years);

Conducted / participated in over 85 meetings; Produced TV broadcasts on Day Star Television

(for Dr. Vernard Johnson); Produced numerous ministry video and audio recordings.


Author of four ministry books (The Six Trials of Jesus; 7 Keys to Answered Prayer; The Marriage Ceremony: A Step by Step Guide for Pastors and Ministers) and Blind Faith – How to Walk by Faith When You Cannot See. Pastor Bob is currently in the process of writing additional books as well.

Current Ministry:

Pastor Bob is Founder and Director of “Freedom Through Faith Ministries” (FTFM) and is actively involved with our outreach ministry called “Mission For America.”  Mission For America is a Spiritual Warfare Ministry.  Pastor Bob holds public (usually outdoor) prayer meetings in specific geographic and spiritually symbolic locations around this nation.  He the prays against and binds “demonic powers, wicked spirits and principalities and powers in the air” (Ephesians 6) that are operating in the spiritual atmosphere of this nation and influencing leaders at of all levels, both elected and appointed.  He then prays for the leaders of this land and prays for their salvation and leads the prayer of Second Chronicles 7:14.  Pastor Bob then leads the public proclamation that “Jesus is Lord over the United States of America!”  These meetings are video taped, edited and then placed on the “Mission For America” website (  as well as on YouTube.


Pastor Bob is also the Founder / Director of the “Freedom Through Faith Radio Network.”  FTFRN has three radio stations currently playing 24 hours per day.


Freedom Through Faith Christian Radio (FTFCR) is currently rated in the TOP 4% of all online Christian Talk / Sermon radio stations in the world, with listeners in 97 different countries.  Through this online radio station, smaller ministries have an opportunity to minister the Word of God to the World on an offering basis (no set fees). This allows us to “Empower Others to Impact Their World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  Any ministry desiring to broadcast their recorded programs on FTFCR may set the offering price they value their own program at…even $1 per month!  No other ministry offers this type of exposure on an offering basis!


“Praise and Worship Radio” station plays a full spectrum of Christian music genre 24 hours per day.  “Praise and Worship Radio” is rated in the Top 8% of all online Christian music stations in the world.  We allow independent Christian artists and musicians the opportunity to play their music on our station for a one time offering of $5…and this allows their music to be heard world wide up to 5 times per day – everyday – with no additional offerings required.


“Evangelism Radio” is our latest online radio station.  This station is designed to support LIVE BROADCAST MINISTRY – 24 hours per day!  Almost one year in the making, Evangelism Radio allows those ministries desiring to enter LIVE BROADCAST MINISTRY at very affordable rates.  For just $10 per month, a ministry may broadcast LIVE one 30 minute broadcast each week; our most expensive plan allows a ministry to broadcast 60 minutes each and every day – 7 days per week – for only $80 per month!  “Evangelism Radio” also has its own phone line support that allows a broadcaster, from anywhere in the nation, to have their listeners call in LIVE and interact with the broadcaster.  This phone support is provided FREE to the broadcaster (though some listeners calling in may have to pay for long distance charges if they are not using VOIP technology – but there is NO CHARGE to the broadcaster).


More information on “Freedom Through Faith Radio Network” and detailed information on the stations can be found at


Pastor Bob is always available to consider holding public ministry meetings and to schedule to minister the Word of God to church congregations around the nation with his High Impact Preaching /Teaching and confirmation of the Word by signs following.

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