1682:Mike Sedam dynamic, entertaining, and thought-provoking messages

1682:Mike Sedam dynamic, entertaining, and thought-provoking messages positively influence

Mike Sedam

Mike Sedam-

Mike Sedam’s dynamic, entertaining, and thought-provoking messages positively influence his attendees and transform their ability to see performance in a new way.  They leave his talks with a new lens to view their lives, their performance, and their interactions with others.

Mike Sedam is able to blend his knowledge of organizational behavior, organizational culture, and leadership into a useable toolset that puts people at the front, where they belong.  Understanding the sociology, psychology, and biology that drives human behavior is the cornerstone of success for any company, team, or organization.  He believes that human behavior is driven by the identities people adopt and the identities people use to interact with others.

Mike is the commander of a large state law enforcement aviation program.  He leads 173 people; is responsible for a fleet of 31 aircraft; manages a multi-million dollar annual budget; ensures training and testing of all pilots and flight officers; administers a flight paramedic program; and has administrative control of the statewide aviation safety program.  As the commander, Mike has a significant leadership role in a multi-agency coordination group whose focus is to coordinate aviation assets during a large-scale emergency event.  Mike also co-chairs an aviation rule-making committee working group for the Federal Aviation Administration.

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