648:Michelle Nagel is committed to making the world a better, happier place for everyone in it.

Michelle Nagel-

Michelle Nagel is committed to making the world a better, happier place for everyone in it. She’s a Transformational Trainer, Master Herbalist, energy therapist, and the President and Founder of Soul ShiftTM, Inc. She has been leading workshops for over 15 years, empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Michelle’s recent book, Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness Into the Light is a guide to help people identify and overcome past traumas so they can live a vibrant and fulfilled life. As a survivor of childhood abuse, Michelle understands the lasting impact these and other traumatic experiences can have throughout life. Through years of study, Ms Nagel developed a process called Soul Shift that empowers clients to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that keep them from living a more fulfilling life. Her clients say she is gifted at getting to the heart of a problem and identifying the reasons behind why people do the things they do. Michelle’s passion is for

“Helping People Go From Who They Are To Who They Want To Be.” Her website is http://www.isoulshift.com In the past three years, Michelle has become a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer, been diagnosed with, treated and completely recovered from uterine cancer, written her book, started Soul Shift, Inc., and has loved the connections she has made with fabulous, amazing, real, and authentic people from all over the world.

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