Lynn DeBuhr Johnson always had one foot out the door & a hand in the dirt

835:Lynn DeBuhr Johnson has always had one foot out the door and a hand in the dirt


Lynn DeBuhr Johnson-

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson has always had one foot out the door and a hand in the dirt. Even though she grew up in Minneapolis, she spent the majority of her time outside in the sun, as well as finding different ways to grow as many types of veggies in small garden plots as possible.

Her real health journey began when her oldest daughter was continually having upper respiratory infections. The pediatrician assured her this was normal, but that was not how Lynn felt. After doing research (and this was before Google), Lynn discovered holistic medicine. After only a month, her daughter no longer was sick, and the only time she gets sick is if she is eating junk food. All of Lynn’s seven children were born with a midwife, and five of them were at home.

Although always studying on her own, Lynn also received her certification as a health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in May 2010. She is also a current student in the Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training program, as well as Evolutionary Herbalism.

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