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Kristi Arno-

Kristi Arno says I am from Wichita Kansas. By day I work at a local manufacturing company as an Human Resource Business Partner. However, the last 3 years I have really begun my seeing my life purpose. My husband and I started a nonprofit called “Pay it Forward Hearts Foundation”, where we go into the community and help other nonprofits doing random acts of kindness to help lift people’s spirits. Our mission is to help people feel a glimpse of hope by sprinkling bits of love and grace changing the heartbeat of the world one good deed at a time.


Since we have started in 2015 we have done 15 events and reached over 1,000 people by doing Pay it Forward activities at local nonprofits such as: battered women’s shelters, homeless vets, retirement homes, sending packages to deployed military men and women, homeless feeding , animal humane society, and we just finished a Winter Wear drive collecting over 1,000 pieces of donations. We would like to see a Pay it Forward group in every community across the United States by the end of 2020.


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