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Kelly Tsagournos-

Kelly Tsagournos is an experienced developmental and transformational coach, passionate and dedicated to empowering women to transform their lives.

As a Meta Coach Kelly creates a holding space that is safe and supportive with a particular commitment to coaching women as leaders. She sees self-leadership and the empowerment of all personal powers such as thinking, speaking, emoting and behaving as the key to unleashing freedom to the individual and fully experiencing self-actualisation.

Kelly is driven by her purpose to help other women overcome burnout, overwhelm, super woman and good girl syndrome after having experienced depression and burnout herself. She knows that it is possible to see differently, to think differently and to live, really live.

Kelly decided to focus her passion for women’s empowerment after 18 years working in leadership roles in the Higher Education sector.  In her time she has facilitated organisational change and professional and personal transformation for many that have crossed her path.

In the last five years, Kelly has pursued her own personal and professional development with fervour and has re-created vitality and joy in her work-family life. She now shares her story and experience with others and with them co-creates lasting, positive and sustainable changes.


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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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