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Jeffery Perry-

After several attempts at making the right podcast for him, Jeff Perry has decided that making a podcast about all things podcasting is just what he was looking for after years of trying various types of podcasts spanning all kinds of topics.

Jeff Perry has been listening to podcasts for 7 years, shows like NerdistThe Joe Rogan ExperienceConnectedSModcast, and Reply All has influenced him to try podcasting. The first show he made was Movies Suck!, a show all about the film industry and current happenings. Eventually he decided to do a show with some friends where they talk about what ever was on their mind called Dookey in the Bowl, but once both of those shows ended he didn’t stop there. In fact, he created 3 more shows but they just weren’t “it” for him.

Podcasting has always been a passion for Jeff, and he continues to try again and again because he loves the art form Podcasting brings. Eventually he came to the question of “why not make a show all about podcasting?”

That is exactly what Podcast Roots (formally Podcast Fiend) is, and this one isn’t going anywhere. So join Jeffery Perry on this new and exciting ride where he talks to other podcasters, people in the podcasting industry, or just to himself and help you get started, improve, or rethink how you might be doing your shows.

Listen another #12minconvo

Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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