834:Jeet Banerjee quickly became a motivated and dedicated entrepreneur


Jeet Banerjee-

Jeet Banerjee: From being a lazy teenager looking to have fun with his friends, I quickly became a motivated and dedicated entrepreneur. I started with my company JB Media Force and immediately began picking up small clients. I established an offshore team to handle the projects while I single-handedly took care of sales here in the United States. After building up the companies portfolio, I was able to take on bigger projects with bigger companies.


While this company was growing rapidly, it still did not seem to satisfy my hunger for something bigger. I decided to sell my first business and move on to some other ventures I was planning. I quickly began working on another project, which was known as StatFuse. This project was unique because it required a lot of work and featured an extremely innovative idea to help high school students around the nation. After months of hard work with my partner, we were able to successfully launch this company in February 2012.


I am proud to announce that as of 2017, we ended up selling our first tech startup StatFuse, which was acquired by LendEDU. Currently, I am working on launching a couple other online businesses and I’m partnered up with numerous entrepreneurs as we work on creating multimillion dollar companies.


In addition to this, I have made it a personal goal to help others find their purpose in life and achieve massive success. I have had the opportunity to share my messages on some of the biggest platforms in the world such as TEDx and now I’m looking to bring my message to everyone.


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