1063:Esther Nagle created a mask and comfort blanket out of alcohol...

1063:Esther Nagle created a mask and comfort blanket out of alcohol…


Esther Nagle-

Esther Nagle created a mask and comfort blanket out of alcohol for over 20 years.  Wracked with self loathing and shame, she had virtually no other coping strategies in life besides drinking.  When life got difficult, that coping strategy made things worse, and Esther surrendered into a breakdown.


That led her to Yoga teacher training, and her salvation.  Through Yoga she learned tools that helped her reach a place where she no longer needed alcohol.  This showed her that Yoga is far more powerful than she ever realised, and she realised she had a message to share.


Esther wrote a book, Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga, and has spoken internationally and in the UK to share her experiences and wisdom.  She now runs workshops to help people in recovery and loves her life more than she ever thought possible.


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