570:Emilie Shoop is the Full Throttle Leadership Coach

570:Emilie Shoop is the Full Throttle Leadership Coach


Emilie Shoop-

Emilie Shoop is the Full Throttle Leadership Coach and Team Culture Creator, and founder of Shoop Training & Consulting.  
She has been hired by many well-known businesses such as Illinois State University, State Farm Insurance, and invited to speak at events such as Women In Leadership, and IL CPA.  Emilie is a proud member of the Forbes Coaches Council, regularly contributing to Forbes.com.
Tired of hearing about how many people dreaded going to work because of the people they had to deal with, Emilie decided it was time to change that and help create happy workplaces.  She believes that everyone has an innate desire to do well, and somehow people lose track of that along the way. It is this belief that drives her to reach out and impact others with her people-focused Full Throttle Leadership.


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