1231:Linda Liberatore is the founder and president of My Landlord Helper

Linda Liberatore-

Linda Liberatore is a highly energetic professional, whose positive personality and engaging style motivates clients, co-workers, and any team she works with. She is the founder and president of My Landlord Helper, a unique virtual assistant solution for DIY real estate investors.

She is the bestselling author of the book Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals and her most recent book, My Landlord Helper—The Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving and Saving Money reached number one on Amazon’s Bestseller list in 2017.

My Landlord Helper serves over 100 portfolios by automating their property and account management with a nearly 100% retention rate of clients.

Linda re-designed transaction processing software that became one of the most efficient systems in the entire industry. This new system achieved extremely high standards of accuracy, reliability and performance.

Determined and driven, Linda enlightens and empowers everyone she meets. She inspires confidence in co-workers and clients. She has led over 1000 workshops on property management, software productivity and desktop productivity.


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