246: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Elayna Fernandez

246: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Elayna Fernandez

Elayna Fernandez-

My name is Elayna Fernandez and I’m known worldwide as The Positive Mom. My mission is to encourage, empower, equip moms like YOU to have more influence at home, more impact in the world, and more income to make it happen, so you can live a life with JOY, BALANCE, and SUCCESS on your own terms without the guilt, struggles, and overwhelm. My philosophy is BE Positive and You’ll BE Powerful!

As an author, speaker, and award-winning success guide, I love mentoring mom bloggers how to turn pain into purpose and their passion into their paycheck by developing a millionaire mom mindset. I consider myself a geekess and word-nerd and I love pouring my heart out about the topics of motherhood, mompreneurship, and motivation for moms.

I love Motherhood and I believe it is a partnership with God; the highest calling of a woman in this planet. As a Success Guide, I mentor mom bloggers to BE Positive and develop Millionaire Mom Mindset, and to have the motivation needed to achieve motherhood and mompreneurship goals.

Mommy Labels

I’m a Latina, vegan, homeschooling wife and mom, a blogger, an avid reader, a writer, an influencer, a teacher, a mentor, a strategist, a smiley being, a geekess, a hugaholic, “a mompreneur,” and a lifelong learner. Mothers come in all shapes, labels, and sizes (I’m 4’9″!), but we are really all the same: we need MOMtivation yes, we need each other to keep motivated. We become Positive Moms by learning together, connecting with each other, and inspiring one another… we’re all in this together: Lifting as we climb! Great moms think alike… we think positive!

Once Upon A Time…

I decided to become a positive mom in late 2004, when I found myself a sudden single mother (and sole parent) of a one and a two year old and felt stuck: pain, uncertainty, and lack of resources… I was alone, scared, homeless, penniless, and clueless how to get started. But I had a VISION…and I had FAITH… and I was committed to intentional, positive parenting!

Happily Ever After…

Today, I’m grateful to see my girls flourish into beautiful, successful, strong young ladies, to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create success on my own terms through a rewarding home-based business, to be married to my eternal partner and soulmate, and to experience the miracle of pregnancy and birth yet once again in August of 2013. I feel BLESSED and in total GRATITUDE each day!

That’s where YOU come in!

My mission is to share my love, joy, and all gained wisdom with you, to guide you in creating the life you’ve always (and probably secretly) dreamed of and you most desire. I teach moms like you how to align with YOUR personal destiny, by Discovering, Living, Balancing, Monetizing, and RadiatingYOUR Passions… If I can do it, any MOM can! More on that here…

What My BFFs Know…

I was born and raised in lovely San José de Ocoa, in the Dominican Republic. My dad is my hero and my mom is my rock… and I’m the oldest of 5 wonderful siblings [he he]. I have been living in the United States since December 2001.

My highest accomplishments in life are named Elisha, Elyssa, and Eliana. They were born in 2002, 2003, and 2013. Natural med-free birth, breastfeeding, and homeschooling are the most rewarding activities I’ve been a part of. What a privilege it is to give life, to sustain life, and to share love through your body! I love womanhood and motherhood!

I speak Spanish, English, and Italian, and my daughters are also bilingual. I love books like crazy and my favorite fiction author is Gabriel García Marquez. I have studied and taught Marketing (one of my life’s passions since childhood), Web Design, Customer Service, Graphic Design, Professional Sales, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Communication, Organization, Blogging, Book Writing, and even Legal Studies!!!

For me, technology = play. I love teaching, writing, guiding, mentoring, and coaching… and it shows in my books, seminars, webinars, and teleworkshops.

I am extremely grateful for the blessing of creativity, attention to detail, pig-headed determination, and enthusiasm for life, and I firmly believe that who you are – ALL of it – is a brilliant design, created to accomplish a masterful mission… you are powerful and you can access that power by being positive!

I love all of God’s creations and my favorite happen to be koalas, horses, and orchids. My favorite activities in life include investing quantify and quality time with my family, smiling, hugging, making up-cooking-and-eating homemade vegan meals for my family, laughing, learning, reading and writing books, family prayer, dancing, singing in the shower, listening to uplifting music, yoga, experiencing the outdoors, playing at the beach, hula-hooping, and meeting happy people! My best friend’s name is Carolina. She’s irreplaceable!

The only sport I’ve ever been interested in and good at is chess. I learned how to drive when I was 28, and how to ride a bike, how to swim, and how to literally Walk On Fire well after my 30th birthday. My birthday is December 16. I’ve been close to dying more than 7 times in my life!!!

I’d love to get to know you. As your Friend, let me listen and understand your needs, challenges, goals and attitudes. As your Success Guide, allow me to earn your trust and show my commitment to keep it. Let’s Talk… I look forward to it!


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