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Kevin Judge-

Kevin Judge is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. Described as forward-thinking,pragmatic, and trustworthy, Kevin works with leaders and organizations to produce extraordinary results and transform impossible futures into reality. His goal is to help build a world in which the vast majority of people and organizations prosper from winning manager- employee relationships. To achieve this goal, he is leading a movement to emphasize the criticality of strong leadership.

Over the last twenty-one years Kevin has reported to twenty-seven bosses: most were adequate, a few were fantastic, and four were horrible and life-changing. Fascinated by management and leadership approaches, he has discovered the impact people’s actions have on both individual and organizational success.

Through his work as a leader, partner, coach and consultant, Kevin has helped people across Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has driven success in climates of growth, decline, and business transformation through targeted human resources, talent management and organizational development initiatives. Clients have ranged in size from small to multi-national, and included industries such as high-technology, health-care, financial services, research & development, government, and non-profit.

Kevin is pleased to have made a difference in the lives and careers of executives, new and experienced leaders, teams, health care professionals, small business owners, and individuals looking to enhance their careers.

Kevin is a Certified Executive Coach and has been educated in business, adult learning, and human resources. When not travelling, he lives in Ottawa (Canada) where he also teaches business and human resources at Algonquin College. He’s always open to a good game of snooker.

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