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Deborah Hemstreet-

Deborah Hemstreet: With over 20 years of experience in technical communication, I have broad experience that ranges from the basics of technical writing (user manuals and online Help), to the more complex and related issues of written communication, including managing translations (18+ languages), analyzing documentation systems, editing and developing documentation to meet quality (ISO) and regulatory (FDA and EU) standards, and assisting in usability analyses of software.

My command of the English language extends far beyond the typical range of a native English speaker. My communication skills (written and spoken) are best reflected by the awards I’ve received for my professional work, my printed publications, and invited presentations in professional and university settings.

When looking for someone to help with documentation, an Israeli company needs far more than a native English speaker. Israeli companies need someone who knows how to provide communications that meet business needs.They need someone able to work in a multi-cultural climate, able to communicate with employees in their native language (Hebrew), and who has experience working with cross-disciplinary teams. I bring to you all this and more.

Specialties: Analyze business processes for procedures that meet audit, quality, regulatory, and business needs; develop MS Office templates for internal and corporate use; review and prepare documentation according to applicable standards, such as pre-defined protocols, ISO, FDA, and EU regulatory requirements; design, write, and edit documentation (print or Help) for software, hardware, and medical systems; PowerPoint presentations for multiple target audiences

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