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Ayodeji Babatunde

Ayodeji Babatunde is the Lead Business Strategist and Founder at OutliersHCD Consulting, a business advisory company. Ayodeji sits on the strategy and leadership team and drives strategies for businesses spanning through public and private enterprises.

Ayodeji is currently the host for LinkedIn Local Lagos, a community of over a 100 professionals and business owners. She is on the strategy team that pushed with other young Nigerians for the Not Too Young To Run campaign for youth inclusion in governance and an active member of the Global Shapers Community Lagos (a World Economic Forum Initiative), and currently an ATLAS Corps Fellow contributing to disrupting social impact space. She is a Consultant for SheTrades Commonwealth programme which aims to increase economic growth and job creation in Commonwealth countries by increasing the participation of women-owned businesses in international trade.

She is experienced at developing strategies for business performance and expansion, customer acquisition and structuring organizations. A published business expert featured in multiple media sites like BusinessDay, WOC, INaijaNow and many others. She has previously held positions at Etisalat Nigeria with experience in performance improvements, customer relationship, retention and engagement and bags a Business Degree in Bocconi University in Italy.

Ayodeji has an insatiable passion to empower the youth in other to create a ripple effect that will reach a larger community, a way to give back to the society. Using her professional expertise with the Telecommunications Company, she provides business development services to micro and small businesses through Cerchy Community a circle of entrepreneurs across Nigeria which she aims to extend to the rest of Africa.

In 2015, she received an Award of Excellence as Top 1% Nigerian Executive in the Telecommunication Industry during her over 5years of working in Etisalat.

She currently sits on the board of Kravark Limited, a New Media and Tech startup, functioning as the business strategy adviser, working closely with the developers to design simple technology tools for businesses, freelancers and service providers across Africa. She is hugely involved in the conceptualization of the product, from idea stage to the development of its first MVP. She also provide business advisory services to the over 300 entrepreneurs that make up the core network that the product seeks to serve.

Ayodeji is also a West Africa YALI Fellow for Entrepreneurship Initiative in Africa which was awarded to her for demonstrating track records of community engagement and volunteering in different social organizations. Ayodeji is a FATE Foundation Youth Mentor and a United Nations Volunteer. She is a partner founder of Ajuka Foundation which caters to empower young women entrepreneurs and the girl child, to provide opportunities for students from low income families.

She is Pro Bono volunteer for Act4Accountability and FATE Foundation; providing business advisory to local NGOs helping them build sustainable systems into the organization’s operations. In 2016, she was a member of the youth delegation from Nigeria to Bénin République to celebrate the country’s 56th Anniversary.

In collaboration with other HR professionals, She served as Project Manager and Team Coordinator for CareerPlus in 2017, a not-for-profit career development program for young professionals funded by Daystar Christian Center Lagos, Nigeria where she deployed seamless structure for sourcing and effectively working with partners like Teach for Nigeria, Jobberman, Uber, Careerdirect, JobMag, Stutern and Industry Experts facilitators for quarterly Mentor-Meet Career fair catering for over 1000 young professionals.

She has demonstrated track records of community engagement while volunteering in different organizations, transferring her professional competencies to achieve objectives that promote development among youth. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. She birthed an initiative she founded called REAL Impact; which created an enterprise empowerment and career guidance scheme for secondary school students from low income families in Lagos, providing them with tools to create sustainable income to further their tertiary education.

Website: outliershcd.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ayodejibabatunde




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