1043:Anthony Vaughan of Cognizance Capital where our mission is to help entrepreneurs

1043:Anthony Vaughan of Cognizance Capital where our mission is to help entrepreneurs


Anthony Vaughan-

At Cognizance Capital it’s our mission to help entrepreneurs and brands to begin the process of not only understanding, but implementing the tactics and adopting the paradigms that the “MARKET” respects and responds to in today’s time. We draw on extensive research, insights, & experience to shine the light on how consistent growth can and should be achieved.

Founder and CEO Anthony D. Vaughan has been called “intense, exciting, motivating, and one who truly cares.” His career has been a tough yet fulfilling one that has positioned him to understand much of what most entrepreneurs go through!

He and the Cognizance Capital team have worked with and advised 650+ entrepreneurs creating true lasting results.

1st company founded (grew to 3 million in sales, under armor partnership)
Key notes at (Texas A&M, Maryland University, Towson University & California State)

Goal is to be apart, grow and develop 100+ brands in the next 25 years!



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