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  • By combining Sci-Fi and the Harlem Renaissance experience Terrence Patterson has created a web series, “Half Past Jump Time” /Ep 2883

By combining Sci-Fi and the Harlem Renaissance experience Terrence Patterson has created a web series, “Half Past Jump Time” /Ep 2883

Terrence Patterson is not only the President & CEO at Paragon Multimedia LLC, he is also a grandson filled with vivid memories of stories and experience that painted an unforgettable picture by his beloved grandmother.

As a creator of content for digital, theatrical and indie film platforms, Terrence has been allowing audiences to share a glimpse into a time mixed with incredible imagination and talent with his web series, “Half Past Jump Time” (https://www.halfpastjumptime.com ).This dramatic web series is part urban, sci-fi adventure as well as a dance/ entertainment spectacle.

Created by Terrence Patterson based on conversations with his grandmother who lived during the 1920s, he recounts when he would visit her in Jacksonville, they would talk until well past midnight about how she met his grandfather and life as a woman and being black.

“Her stories were always fascinating and showcased a point in history where African Americans were celebrated for their contributions to American history.”

By the time that Terrence became an adult, that focus and spotlighting of the African American existence was gone. His brilliance successfully comes to life on the screen by combining sci-fi, the Harlem Renaissance experience and juxtapose that against the life of young African Americans in present-day New York—simply irresistible!


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