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Theresa Wiggins

Theresa Wiggins has 13 years of experience in the classroom as both a special educator and classroom teacher.  She has taught at both the elementary and middle school level. Since 2014, Theresa has been combining her passion for kids, families, and education by founding her business, Village Parenting.  Working with both schools and families, Village Parenting’s guiding belief is that the best way to educate our youth is to do it collaboratively. Theresa teaches mindfulness and offers in-home behavior management support to families dealing with chronic behavior issues.  She also offers an online course for parents called Mindfulness and Parenting. Theresa provides consultation and Professional Development to schools on effective Family Engagement as well as mindfulness instruction to both staff and students, K-12. Village Parenting seeks to build bridges between home and school in order to improve the education and happiness for the whole child.  Visit http://www.villageparenting.net to learn more.

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