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Brenda Poulos-

Brenda Poulos is a former teacher and elementary school guidance counselor in Arizona, and has realized her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Her first book, Runaways: The Long Journey Home, was published in December, 2015. Based on a recurring dream, the story of Jake and his dog, Hound, has the power of forgiveness as its central theme.

Her second book, also fiction, was published in September, 2016. The Choice: Will’s Last Testament is the story of ordinary people faced with the choice of whether or not to follow Christ.

Brenda Poulos is a former teacher and elementary school guidance counselor. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and is current president of Christian Writers of the West. As a Christian author, her goal is communicate God’s love to her reading audience.


She lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, John. They have four adult children, seven amazing grandchildren, a lovable rescue cat and an energetic sixteen-year-old dog who sleeps between meals and daily walks around their neighborhood.

Brenda enjoys interior decorating and home renovations. One project follows another as she and her husband constantly look for yet another home in need of a little updating and TLC. She is also an elementary school, hospice, and church volunteer. Serving others is another component that gives her life meaning and purpose.

You are invited to connect Brenda on Goodreads.com, and at http://www.spiritualsnippets.com, where she focuses on “Seeing Life’s Events in the Light of God’s Word.” She offers new writers encouragement on http://www.brendapoulos.org and http://www.5scribesandtheirstories.com, a website she shares with other members of her critique group.


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