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Bob Minhas-

Bob Minhas knows that there is a big difference between owning a small business and being an entrepreneur.


One is about creating employment to change your own life. The other is about growing a passion with the aim of revolutionizing an industry, a nation or the world as we know it. Bob understands this difference but, more importantly, he wants you to understand it too.


Entrepreneurial vision is essential to true innovation, which all levels of government know they need to leverage but with no clear view on how to do it with the speed and alacrity that kind of transformation of ideas requires.


With a strong background in technology, entrepreneurship and government, Bob is uniquely qualified to speak to the intersection between innovation and policy. He can help entrepreneurs with scalable ideas: to develop their vision, and to transform the world.


How? Let Bob tell you through the medium of his speaking platform and courses. Listen and learn. Question and innovate. Take your ideas to the next level, on your own terms.


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