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Chris McClure- 

I help leaders like you navigate challenges and achieve your goals so you can experience the full, rich, satisfying, abundant life that God created you to live.

I do this through executive coaching and leadership training. You can learn more at http://www.McClureCoaching.com.

Throughout a 20-year career as a pastor, I found myself feeling stuck and frustrated multiple times. I was frustrated with dysfunctional leadership situations and unhealthy cultures.

I discovered that the quality and capacity of leadership directly affects all aspects of any organization.

I believed I was made to be, do, and have more than I was experiencing.

Each time I faced these scenarios, I took intentional action to grow in order to break through to the next level of my personal life and leadership capabilities.

Today, I am a transformed man who helps other leaders reach their potential within their own context.

My wife and I are blessed with 3 amazing kids and live in the Dayton, OH area.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:54]
Are you in the same place when we spoke the first time? [00:58]
Tell us, what has changed? [01:12]
What’s the name of your new book? [01:45]
John Maxwell has been an influence in your life, how’s that been going? [02:00]
From being a pastor to helping business people. [02:26]
Going back to the thing that you were doing helps tremendously, would you agree with that? [03:13]
How has moving from one place to the next impacted your children? [05:36]
How has it affected your wife? [06:29]
Helping a ton of families in following their passion. [07:45]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:46]

Contact Chris:

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