1739:Andrew Montesi is a full-stack marketer, media producer and...)

1739:Andrew Montesi is a full-stack marketer, media producer and entrepreneur

Andrew Montesi

Andrew Montesi-

Hi I am Andrew Montesi. I am a full-stack marketer, media producer and entrepreneur with a career that has extended across sport marketing, professional services, social enterprise and TV news.

I use the power of high quality content to build personal and company brands, focussing on channels such as podcasting, influencers, blogging, video and design.

I have worked with lawyers, financial advisers, start ups, sporting organisations, member associations, political candidates, schools, education professionals, retailers, manufacturers, entertainers and business consultants.

I have led and managed projects with teams across Adelaide, London, Boston and Ho Chi Minh.

While my foundations are in media and content marketing, I have strong skills in branding, social and digital marketing, business development and company operations. This broad knowledge enables me to offer strategies and advice that encompass the full marketing mix.

I oversee marketing and growth at PickStar, Australia’s largest marketplace to book sports stars for any event, marketing campaign or experience. In addition I provide marketing and media services through my company, Apiro Consulting.

I host and produce a business and personal growth podcast, Rooster Radio, where I interview ‘interesting people doing amazing things’ in entrepreneurship, leadership, health, politics, technology, hospitality and more. The podcast has a five star iTunes rating and has partnered with media outlet, InDaily.

I was a co-founder of startup TalkLife (based in London), a global social network collaborating with Microsoft Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University on world first youth mental health insights.

Previously I was a television sport reporter and producer at 9 News, after starting my career in the Adelaide Football Club’s communications department.


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