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As a Wellness Coach I work with individuals and businesses who want to make health a priority. After 15 years in the business world, I bring a unique insight. I saw first hand what happens when employees are stressed, unmotivated, tired, overweight and are overall, in poor physical and emotional health.

I am a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur. I understand the challenges of making health choices for your whole family in an environment that is often hectic. It took me many years to figure how a healthy lifestyle can fit in my everyday life and I am passionate about sharing the tools with my clients.

My programs combine fitness, yoga, nutrition and mindfulness. Reducing stress is key in the journey to a healthy life. This is more than a fitness and nutrition program, it is about addressing all aspects of your health.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with small groups or larger audiences. The opportunity to empower others to develop healthy habits is something I am passionate about.

My training includes a Yoga Teacher Training Certification, a Personal Trainer Specialist Certification and Holistic Nutrition. My 6 months transformational health and Wellness Coaching program has brought some amazing changes to a wide variety of clients who are local to me or connect virtually.


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