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Amanda H. Young

Amanda H. Young is a powerful energy healer, business clarity coach, author, speaker, and intuitive.

She resolves physical and emotional pains by clearing fears and beliefs to help her clients heal on the deepest level. Using Energy Mastery™, an incredibly effective modality that she also teaches, she remotely assists clients around the globe while achieving miraculous results.

As a business coach, clients seek Amanda’s wisdom in their search for clarity around their purpose, marketing, strategy, messaging, and showing up bigger in the world. Combining her practical business experience as an entrepreneur and MBA with her vast understanding of energetics, she helps businesses align, grow, and thrive while making a lasting impact.

She is the author of Finding Clarity: Design a Business You Love and Simplify Your Marketing and uses her interactive speaking style to engage audiences while providing valuable insights and action steps. With years of metaphysical study, Amanda’s intuitive abilities aid her in cutting to the core of issues to resolve them quickly.

Visit AmandaHYoung.com to learn more, listen to The Finding Clarity Podcast, and contact Amanda.

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