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Adam Farmer is a master connector who is truly an advocate for the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial and people-oriented by nature, Adam understands the value of professional relationships. He is a quick builder of trust and rapport who guides his clients through complex strategic decisions. In leveraging his natural problem solving skills, Adam helps organizations with needs in the sales area by assessing its existing processes and creating the best available systems. As a result, his client’s best interests are served and expectations are exceeded.

Adam has worked with several hundred emerging businesses with services such as investor readiness preparation and coaching, business development, strategic advisory services, capital formation, and resource development. Supported by a network of sales and marketing professionals, he consistently meets the challenge in bridging the gap between thinking through and completing sales projects. By focusing on client needs, Adam has emerged as a leader in the professional sales consulting space in the Greater Chicago area.

Adam’s passion for business networking finds its outlet in his podcast “Profit Pathway,” which he interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares his experience and insights about successful relationship building.

Personal Story:
I have always been a leader. Grammar School, I was the one leading people down the path of mischief; High School, I led the student revolts against the teachers; University, I led student protests and sit-ins, media stunts and general rebel rousing!

During my senior year of college, the death of both of my parents by suicide, led me on a different path… to the church and seminary in my search for answers. As I attempt to live as Jesus teaches and use my considerable power of influence for more productive activities, I have discovered what I absolutely love doing. I am at my best when I am promoting the spiritual and professional well-being of humanity!


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