Frederick Jones is a multiple best-selling author of seven books, trademar

1080:Dr. Frederick Jones is the president of Publish Me Now University


Dr. Frederick Jones-

Frederick Jones, J.D., helps women high achievers, writers, authors, speakers, visionary women, ministers, and families to share their stories, value their voices, preserve legacy, and transfer their story and voice from one generation to the next.

Recently, more than 19 of his private coaching clients, whose professions include attorneys, physicians, entrepreneurs, professors, housewives, pastors, and corporate CEO’s have published Amazon best-selling books and became #1 in more than 30 categories.

He is a multiple best-selling author of seven books, a trademark attorney, and president of Publish Me Now University. At the core of his calling and passion is the belief and message of “WORTHOLOGY”. “Your value is unlimited; your worth is without measure but your price is what you are willing to accept.” Dr. Jones mission is to help women “Discover and Live Their Worth: Find it – Protect it – Grow It – Pass it on!”

If you have a story to share or you would like to inquire about becoming his next bestselling author, then please visit http://www.DrFredJones.Com and learn how to amplify your voice and leave a legacy.

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