273: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Elena Rahrig

273: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Elena Rahrig

Elena Rahrig-

Elena Rahrig is a Certified Professional Coach, and is a nationally recognized program development expert. She has written 9 books, from her personal development book titled Are You Boxed In?, to her autobiography, how to books, and children’s books. Currently, Elena is writing the book for a movie being produced from Hollywood. For over three years she has helped entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities by assisting them in developing programs that run on autopilot, earning them thousands in their sleep and taking their speaking career and authorship to the next level.

Furthermore, Elena has created personal development programs for all ages, leading with her adult program Your 5D Transformation System which is being taught in the prison system, and her teen program It’s My 3D Life which is being taught in High Schools. Piggy backing those programs are her mini programs Stimulate My Mind, and Your Personalized Roadmap to Success. Due to demand, Elena has also created five academies in which she now coaches clients through, these are the Public Speaking Academy, Author and Publication Academy, Strategic Book Marketing Academy, Coaching and Consulting Academy and Program Development Academy. Elena is currently working with Colleges to have her academies taught as electives.

As the Founder of Otter Publishing New York, BoxCrushers, and Elena Rahrig Transform, Elena is grateful for her large staff who helps her to remain focused as a wife, and mother of four children. When not working to help others Elena stays fit in mind, body, and spirit, through civic involvement and exercise.

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