344: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg-

Dina Eisenberg: I’m a Time Lifeguard. Using my simple 3 step process I help you rescue your lost time and create systems so you never get in over your head again. You win. Your clients win. You can love your work again.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with 21 years experience in corporate, non-profit and the entrepreneurial worlds. My superpower is superior problem-solving coupled with emotional intelligence. I can help you figure out what to do and feel better about it, too.

I love to share the power of outsourcing with business groups. Let me know if I can excite and inspire your group at http://OutsourceEasier.com/contact

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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