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This is a 4-minute video of the new Candidate.ID, launched October 2019:

My vision is a world in which talent pipelines are sustainable for all. It’s explained in this HRD briefing, ‘Talent Demand Generation’:–an-hrd-briefingpdf

Candidate.ID® won the recruitment tech start-up competitions at Unleash, Amsterdam in 2018 and Hiring Success, San Francisco in 2019.

Pipeline Automation ebook:

*Pitching Candidate.ID® to 1,000 people at Unleash, Amsterdam, Oct 2018*

Candidate.ID® is the world’s only dedicated talent pipeline automation software and on average, reduces time-to-shortlist by 50%. Find out how using this Talent Pipeline Playbook:

A bit about me:

12 Min Convo with Engel Jones, December 2017


2-min Candidate.ID ‘explainer’ for Unleash

Recruiting Animal Show, 2018:

Chad and Cheese Show, Firing Squad, 2018—Adam-Gordon-CEO-and-Co-Founder-of-CandidateID

More things to do:

– Me talking about creating virtual communities in March 2014 –
– Twitter @Adam_W_Gordon / @Candidate_ID
– Join the world’s only talent pipeline-focused community at
– Contact me at +44 (0)7870 268288 or email adam.gordon at


The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott
Blue Ocean Strategy, W Chan Kim / Renee Mauborgne
Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell
The 4 Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferriss
Googled, Ken Auletta

I don’t read much but love Blinkist summaries.

Also, for fun, I’m an investor in BrewDog.


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