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  • A twelve minute conversation with Chris Wang who is Director of Research at Runnymede Capital Management /Ep2911

A twelve minute conversation with Chris Wang who is Director of Research at Runnymede Capital Management /Ep2911

Chris Wang is Director of Research at Runnymede Capital Management and co-host of the video series Buy Local NJ, which spotlights local, New Jersey businesses. He has been named among the INVESTOPEDIA 100: Most Influential Advisors, Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisors by Brightscope, and has appeared on Reuters TV, Barron’s, and Forbes. Runnymede is a fee-only registered investment adviser (RIA) to companies, 401(k) plans, non-profits, and individuals. Chris is married, has a daughter, a Maltese named Coco and a cat named Kiki.

Watch episodes of Buy Local NJ on IGTV or at http://www.buylocalnj.com and read our blog at blog.runnymede.com. Contact me if you’d like to work with a family run firm that does independent research and always puts your interests first. Our professional team has a unique history of protecting clients from “financial hurricanes” in 1987, 2000 and 2008.


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