Mr. Zev Asch has more than thirty years as a marketing & sales executive

370:Mr. Zev Asch has spent more than thirty years as a marketing and sales executive

Zev Asch-

Mr. Zev Asch has spent more than thirty years as a marketing and sales executive. From his early days of watching his father manage the family’s grocery store to global travel and setting up international sales and distribution, he brings a vast array of knowledge that spans many industries including retail, high-tech, medical, manufacturing, and distribution.

Mr. Asch has extensive international experience; he opened a sales office in Germany covering eight European countries and has established distribution agreements with manufacturers in Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea and India. Zev was instrumental in helping his firms gain national recognition by receiving the following awards: Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Inc. 500|5000, and Top 100 Most Influential Medical Device Companies

Currently, Zev Asch is the President of LEDAZA INC., a business development firm in New York where Mr. Asch turns his energy and expertise to helping small business owners develop and execute strategies that strengthen revenue, profit and competitive market advantage. He focuses his work on what he calls the “Four Pillars of Growth in Business” – leadership, marketing, sales and customer service.
Zev Asch is also an Adjunct Marketing Professor with Touro College Graduate School of Business in Wall Street New York. Mr. Asch’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a MBA in Marketing Management.

The 2nd edition of Mr. Asch’s book “Are You Sure About That?” will be published in November 2016. Mr. Asch’s hobbies include movies, reading, comedy and jazz. He was also certified as a FIFA soccer referee. Zev is a huge supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project and encourages everyone to support our injured heroes.
He is the proud father of four children and lives on Long Island with his loving wife who has dedicated her career to children with special needs. His philosophy about life and business is “Question everything. Life is about continuous improvements not chasing perfection.”


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