"Accountability breeds response-ability"
-Stephen Covey

In this accountability group I will be working alongside you to discover your uniqueness.  Our small groups vary from 3-4 individuals. We help you to stay committed to your purpose and faithful in following through with your goals.  If its already  discovered, but you need guidance in creating actionable steps to utilize it, then this is the group you need to be a member of.

12-Week Conversations Outline

  WEEK #1

Treasuring the power of your name

 WEEK #2

Treasuring the power of your name

 WEEK #3

Understanding various personalities

 WEEK #4

How to strengthen strengths!


The proof is in the pudding

 WEEK #6

The value of values


Investing Interactively Intentionally


Affirming Accountability


Sharpening the saw

 WEEK #10

Cultivating habits you require

WEEK #11

Reward & Recognition

WEEK #12

The time is today

What Others Are Saying:


Tanisha Williams 
Author/ Speaker/Educator/Empowerment Coach

".Although I set written weekly goals, now I feel more accountable in areas that were not on my list. For example, relationships with my family and my fiscal responsibility have improved greatly. I continue to eat healthy and I am adding exercise to my weekly goals."

Josh Bledsoe 
Talent Development Specialist at Dale Carnegie

"Before joining I may have put things off for a bit, or I would have thought I needed to take large steps and multiples of those large steps to reach progress. After joining I've learned that procrastination doesn't have a place to stand in my way if I'm only focused on one small step consistently."

Crystal Dixon 
Wife, Mom, Friend, &
Life Coach

The group offers so much love and grace. Each week, as opposed to feeling pressured and judged for what I am NOT doing, I genuinely feel celebrated each week for who I am and what I AM doing.

Do it."

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