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Yoram Solomon-

Yoram Solomon: Consistently and organically innovative companies hold 6 times the market share, 3 times the profits, and do 50% better during recessions than their peers. 70-90% of acquisitions fail, and even the few successful ones only bring one new product or service to the company. People are 6 times more creative in startups than in mature companies.

Dr. Yoram Solomon, “The Creativity Doctor”, is a passionate innovation & creativity thought leader. He published 5 books (including Un-Kill Creativity, From Startup to Maturity, and Bowling with a Crystal Ball), 9 patents, and as one of the creators of the Wi-Fi technology he was dubbed by Texas Instruments “TI’s Great Innovator”. He was named one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers in 2015 (#12), and is a columnist at Inc. Magazine, Innovation Excellence, and Dallas Innovates. He spent years studying why people are creative in startups more than in Fortune 500 companies, learning the cognitive processes that lead to generating creative ideas, and earned his PhD for that study. He started several companies, sold one, and served as an executive in several public technology companies.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Qorvo, Walmart, Texas Instruments, and many more. He spoke in several different national conferences, including twice for the Association for Strategic Planning. His un-kill creativity talks and workshops were described by participants as transformative.

Yoram Solomon was the host of the first TEDxPlano in 2014. He was elected in 2015 to the Plano Independent School District Board of Trustees. Yoram served in the IDF 35th Airborne Paratrooper brigade and as a USAF CAP pilot and Aerospace Education Officer.

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