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  • 870: Wendy Harrison helps frustrated business professionals by bringing new content to the table and managing its release


Wendy Harrison-

Wendy Harrison says, I help frustrated business professionals by bringing new content to the table and managing its release.

I have a passion for running Social Media Campaigns. Time ceases to exist when I’m researching and writing content. I want to share all kinds of tips & tricks with everyone. That’s the important thing – the sharing and offering a helping hand to other entrepreneurs in our community.

25 years experience as a business administrator, Freelance writer and Social Media manager.

♦ Organize Office Procedures – Sort Emails ♦ Assist with Screening/Hiring new Staff
♦ Sales and Letters of Introduction to Reach out to Current/Potential Contacts.
♦ Schedule all Travel Arrangements and Meetings ♦ Send Flowers and Thank You Cards
♦ Lite Bookkeeping, invoicing, schedule payments and reminders

Social Media Management
♦ Facebook Business Page Creator and Optimizer
♦ Copy Writer for Blog Posts and Website Content
♦ Newsletters – Written, Scheduled and Analyze Results
♦ Research, Record and create awesome Reports

Business Promotion
♦ LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ Profiles and Articles
♦ Write, Edit and Proofread eBooks
♦ Book and Product Launches
♦ PowerPoint Presentations & more

I help marketing managers publish great content that will increase their readership and generate more leads and sales.


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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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