1116:Wendy Hamelin helps with the aftermath of suffering with PTSD.


Wendy Hamelin

You ask, what do I represent? Who are you?

“To be a fad or to be foundational? True in all aspects of health and wellness”

The question and words above have rang through my head for the past three years. Being foundationally centered in all aspects to reach success means taking the shovel and working hard for as long as it is with a pen and paper.

I represent the average Joe that continues to take hold of a passion and not let it go; creating, evolving as time passes, never separating the final private purpose foundational in my heart.

Through trials and true struggles, inner strength develops the foundations to success. I aim to reconstruct a business that creates an environment reflected from that, which is within.

I am currently located in Alberta, Canada where I continue to develop and work on my passions and future dreams.

I have created a group to help combat the aftermath of those suffering with PTSD.

Please Join Astraea Pass It On.


You will be inspired, uplifted and motivated by each other.


The need to be inspired, uplifted and motivated is GREAT.

You may someday have a loved one or friend with PTSD, or you may have it yourself. If we came together as a group, just be a group, made to inspire, uplift and motivate each other, we would have created a movement built on forward thinking, positive energy/love & truth.

Your love and support will help prevent suicides, depression, and of the like.

Furthermore, if you don’t suffer from PTSD love, support and motivation will allow you become a healthier, happier you!


Think of the glorious things you can do with inspiration…

Listen another #12minconvo…
Create a BRAND of Y.O.U.R.S.!