227: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Virginia Phillips

Virginia Phillips-

Virginia Phillips: Years ago I was living a good life. I was healthy, happily married, living and traveling debt free in Europe. Then, the bottom fell out like it does for so many people. I asked and asked, “How do people do this? How do they pick up the pieces?”

My journey, just like so many other people’s journeys has some tough days, some incredible days and quite a bit of trial and error. Finally, I had an “aha moment” when I was talking with a friend who just had the bottom fall out. I realized this conversation was the piece I never had and if he needed this conversation then many others do too.

I launched the Academy because there needs to be a place where people, caregivers, and business can go when they are faced with a change, crisis, or trauma to learn how people pick up the pieces. When we work together we all get back up stronger.​


Virginia Phillips provides a practical roadmap for success, for individuals and businesses alike. She loves to meet people in their comfort zone and help them discover a path in which they can thrive in life, relationships, and in business, despite any obstacles they may encounter. Virginia is the owner of Triumph After Trauma Academy, as well as an inspirational speaker, a personal coach, a survivor, and a published author with two more upcoming books, including The Truth About Trauma.


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