1773:Veronie Anderson is a Love Catalyst, Theta healing practitioner...)

1773:Veronie Anderson is a Love Catalyst, Theta healing practitioner and a Health Coach 

Veronie Anderson

Veronie Anderson-

Veronie Anderson, Love Catalyst, Theta healing practitioner and a Health Coach

As a Love Catalyst, Veronie helps single women shift from break up to LOVED UP so that they can find true love. Veronie recognizes that many women have given up on love because they have been hurt many times by toxic relationships and traumatic breakups. Veronie knows that everyone deserves love. That is their birthright.

She is passionate about helping women to trust their natural instinct so that they can feel confident in themselves and ignite Love.

Veronie uses her background in communication, psychology, Theta and Health Coaching to connect with women and guide them from a place of fear and unlimited belief to a place of Love. She provides women with focus and clarity so that they can achieve their goals while feeding their mind, body and soul.  Veronie is the mother of a spirited young girl.


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