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Vanessa Lane 

Vanessa Lane: My husband and I have been professionally live streaming for years. Yes, that’s right. We produce LIVE TV! LIVE shows! LIVE events! LIVE…LIVE…LIVE! Pushing the limit of technology is our strength. Never saying it can’t be done. Always looking for the next iteration. Technology doesn’t stop, and neither do we.

Theatrically trained, I use my artistry for the business world. Making unique edgy content is my strength. But telling your story is at the forefront of what I do. As an international professional video production editor and project manager, I make sure all the i’s and t’s are crossed. Detail oriented to a fault, I glue all the pieces back together, making content feel like you.

As we all have lives, efficiency is key. Organization, planning, and realistic timelines play a big role in my life, as well as creating a positive work environment with positive communication. With two beautiful girls (who are my world) it is important to be concise and purposeful in my approach.

If you are wanting to push the envelope of your videos. If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology. If you want to understand how to do LIVE with purpose and effectiveness. Then come on board. “No”, “It can’t be done”, and “It isn’t possible” just doesn’t live in my world. We will make it happen, and let’s make it happen together.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/vanessallane

Twitter: viewitdoitinc



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