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  • Vanessa Jackson helps in developing confidence in staff/reps/leaders to allow them to operate at their full potential & meet or exceed their goals /Ep2588

Vanessa Jackson-

Vanessa Jackson started her adult life as a single mom of a 1 year old as she was pregnant in high school.  To say it was a struggle would be putting it mildly.  She grew up with a single mom who raised 4 kids so she was used to not having a privileged life but she also learned that you just need to go out there and do whatever it is that you want to have a fulfilling life.  After taking first place in the National Physique Committee in the fitness category as a Grandmom on her first ever fitness competition she went on to work with a 6th degree black belt in Shuri-te Shaolin style martial arts.  Together they developed a fitness program that taught self-defense called, KoBu Power.  Once her daughter was over 18, Vanessa moved to California; a place where she had been wanting to live all her life (even though she had never been there).  She found a passion in helping others achieve their goals; whether they were fitness goals, nutrition goals, business goals…it didn’t matter, she just really enjoyed helping others to push past their limiting beliefs.  Her other passion was riding motorcycles. In 2018, she was finally able to set aside the time to chase after one of her own dreams…racing motorcycles! She has always had an “I can do it” mentality but this was a new beast and she was nervous especially since motorcycle racing is a man’s world & she was literally the only female on the entire grid. Ultimately, she took 2nd overall in the Championship in her first season racing and was totally and completely hooked.  She now has 4 motorcycles & races in 2 organizations in 4 categories. She started her company, Train For Life, a company that inspires others to live their best life, out of her desire & skillset of coaching others to be better tomorrow than they are today.  Her “No Excuses” mentality mixed with her compassion for life challenges is a great combination to support others on their journey.  It hasn’t been ‘easy street’ for her as she’s had her own life challenges along the way; she’s had to fight for her daughter, suffered a broken back & broken pelvis has lost jobs leaving her financially strapped & so much more but she continues to have a positive outlook as one of her favorite mantras is “The Universe is Abundant and it will provide”.  She also likes to say “In the end it’ll all be ok.  And, if it’s not ok…it’s not the end”.  She feels like opportunity is born out of ‘failures’ and she’s had a lot of opportunities.  Her next journey takes her on the road building a transport vehicle for her motorcycles, surfboard & yoga mat along with her daily positive affirmations, meditation & gratitude to explore the country riding as many tracks as possible, building her business along the way, being a social media influencer and showing others that sometimes it just takes courage to go after what you really want. This will allow her the freedom to spend as much time with family when necessary and to inspire anyone else out there who may not be brave enough just yet to follow their own dreams.  She will lead by example by being a role model of success, treating others with kindness & respect, going out of her way to help others and she will always root for the underdog. Follow her journey & be inspired to live your dreams!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Vanessa‘s previous episode [00:31]
How are you doing? [00:54]
Are you still a racer? [01:01]
Speaking about the 5 pillars [01:18]
What have you been doing over the last three years? [02:35]
How many tracks do you plan on visiting? Or are you going with the flow with your journey? [03:27]
On leading by example [04:47]
How are your daughter and granddaughters being impacted by your journey? [05:20]
How do you maintain the physical side of who you are? [07:44]
How are you combining the physical side with the spiritual side? [09:30]
How are you interacting with the conversation of death? [09:47]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:11]


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