Twelve Minute Podcasts with Engel Jones- Create a brand of Y.O.U.R.S

25: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Stuart Woodrow

Stuart Woodrow Stuart Woodrow-Stuart Woodrow: A 38 year old soon to be father of one who is currently splitting his time between working on his own projects and providing consultancy services on social media and community management.StuartListen another #12minconvo MORE >

24: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Amar Vyas

Amar Vyas-Amar Vyas describes himself as a husband, nature lover, writer, and author of the Amol Dixit series of books. A self-described nomad, Amar has lived in fifteen cities over the past twenty years, including the two years he spent at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign as a graduate student. Two years after… MORE >

23:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Paco Maldonado

Paco Maldonado Paco Maldonado- Electrical Engineer Sandia National Laboratories2008 – Present (8 years)* Lead multiple project teams in new product development efforts focused in system integration, control design, hardware design, and data acquisition.* Project management expertise managing client interface, personnel resources, schedule, and finances.* Lead efforts in new client development and capabilities development.* Development activities have resulted… MORE >

22:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Michael J Ringer

Michael J Ringer Michael J Ringer-Michael J Ringer, is a motivational speaker, internationally recognised sales trainer & business mentor. Michael's number 1 goal is to help & inspire 6 million people this year, lets help him achieve it.MichaelListen another #12minconvo MORE >

21:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Eric Gonia

Eric Gonia Eric Gonia-Eric Gonia helps families build strong relationships in the outdoors through a business he started with his daughter, Ashlee. The brand they have created is Durrelli. Eric started the business with his daughter to teach her life skills such as creating value, designing a vision, setting and achieving goals, people skills, strong work ethic,… MORE >

20:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Osaro Harriott

Osaro Harriott Osaro Harriott-Osaro Harriott was born in Trinidad and studied Physics and Mathematics in the US. He is currently working as a Teacher and hope to finish his PhD in Physics within the next few years. He is an avid film fan and hopes to make his own independent film within the next few years.Listen another #12minconvo MORE >

19:Twelve Minute Convos w/ Frank Daley

Frank Daley Frank Daley-Frank Daley: I will help you know yourself better and be more successful in your personal and professional life.frankdaley@rogers.comExperienceFounder at Self-Knowledge CollegeApril 2010 - Present (6 years 1 month)Self-Knowledge College (SKC) is based on the proposition that Self-Knowledge is the way to personal, academic and professional success. If you have a serious problem in… MORE >
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