Twelve Minute Podcasts with Engel Jones- Create a brand of Y.O.U.R.S

444: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jeffrey Kramer

Jeffrey Kramer Jeffrey Kramer- Jeffrey A. (Jeff) Kramer, P.E., PWLF, CPM, CCM Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, Ascension Leadership Group, LLC Jeffrey Kramer: A civil engineer who spent a career in the public works design and construction industry, I have made an enormous transformation over the past 3 years. Prompted by a burning desire to make a… MORE >

443: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Marissa Levin

Marissa Levin Marissa Levin- A 20-year entrepreneur, speaker, & globally recognized growth strategist, Marissa Levin's lifetime legacy mission is to educate, equip, & empower 100 million entrepreneurs & leaders with the skillsets and mindsets they need to reach their greatest potential. As CEO of Successful Culture, Marissa helps CEOs master the 3 most critical aspects of business… MORE >

442: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Cindy Marvin

Cindy Marvin Cindy Marvin- Cindy Marvin is a parenting coach, educator, speaker and founder of Repairenting, LLC. Her mission is to help families reconnect and begin to enjoy their time with one another by bringing harmony back home. Through her ability to deeply listen without judgment and create a safe environment, Cindy helps families create positive changes… MORE >

441: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jodie Nevid

Jodie Nevid Jodie Nevid- Co Founder of The 7 Effect, author of the ILOVE Monday Blog.Speaker, Trainer, Hypnotist, Performance Coach and Culture Change Agent Jodie Nevid believes inlivinglife to it’s fullest, andis passionate about helpingothers do the same! With a background in the arts and small business Jodie brings a creative and unconventionalapproach to the world of… MORE >

440: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Steven Haggerty

Steven Haggerty Steven Haggerty- Steven Haggerty is an empowerment coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Having started his entrepreneurial journey at just 11 years old he grew up with a different mindset to most. After time Steven began to feel disconnected with what he was doing, this is when he discovered coaching and speaking and with a sense… MORE >

439: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Vicky Farquhar

Vicky Farquhar Vicky Farquhar- I’m on the wrong side of 70 but onwards & upwards! I’m married to an amazing man who is younger than his step-children. Born in the UK I moved, with my parents, to Australia in 1956 when I was 13. I’ve worked in Accountancy, finance, Cattle Station cook and, amongst other things, a… MORE >

438: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Rob Farquhar

Rob Farquhar Rob Farquhar- I’ve been podcasting for close on four and a half years now; it’s allowed an almost fortysomething in an out of the way tropical town in Australia to connect with some amazing people around the world. Generally, though, I’m a creative type who likes sleek futures and cool machines; I’ve explored getting paid… MORE >