Twelve Minute Podcasts with Engel Jones- Create a brand of Y.O.U.R.S

106: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Corey Poirier

Corey Poirier Corey Poirier-Corey Poirier is an award winning Keynote speaker, host of the top rated Conversations With PASSION Radio Show, and an International Best-Selling Author who has appeared on television specials on Eastlink and Tellie TV, been seen on CBC, CTV, and Global, and has presented TEDx and MoMonday’s Talks. He is also a seasoned Stand-up… MORE >

105: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown Jamie Brown-Jamie Brown has completed the world's only government accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing. She became the 47th person in the world with this qualification in 2015.Jamie has a deep & practical understanding of the scientific study of happiness & human flourishing & helps people to achieve higher emotional intelligence, happiness & life… MORE >

104: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Levensky Toussaint

Levensky Toussaint-Levensky Toussaint, Born and Raise in the beautiful Island of Haiti. I moved to the States back in 2002. I'm a graduate of Andrews University. I've developed a passion for Real Estate Investing over the year, but I have no knowledge on where to start. Thanks to the Fortune Builders team, I now can… MORE >

103: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie Tortorich Vinnie Tortorich-My name is Vinnie Tortorich, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, speaker, podcaster and best-selling author of Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game.Some call me “America’s ANGRIEST Trainer”. Why am I so angry? Because your good intentions have been stolen! You have been duped! Yes, despite all your good honest efforts you just keep gaining weight and feeling worse.Does… MORE >

102:Tema Frank, Best-selling author and customer experience consultant

Tema Frank Tema Frank-Best-selling author and customer experience consultant, Tema Frank has worked in marketing, customer experience and business strategy for over three decades. In 2001 she founded Web Mystery Shoppers, the world’s first company to test omni-channel customer service: web, phone, chat, email and in-store. Using social media techniques before social media existed, she built a… MORE >

101: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Shawn Chambers

Shawn Chambers Shawn Chambers-3 years ago Shawn P. Chambers life changed in an instant. Working in Sales at the time, he was wanting change and he got it, just not the way he planned. One cold February night, Shawn was hit by a drunk driver, coming home from work. Losing his car, job, house, and ability to… MORE >

100: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Jon Butt

Jon Butt Jon Butt-Jon Butt started a fire safety business as a cold-calling door-to-door salesman, and did OK, selling to Kidde plc for 7-figures in 2003.He accidentally started another using ecommerce. Over $20 million later, it's the UK's largest online fire safety supplier. And this is while spending every other month in Vancouver, and no longer having… MORE >
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