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4:Dennis Washington is an online communications expert, award-winning..)

Dennis Washington- Dennis Washington is an online communications expert, award-winning journalist, internet broadcaster, meteorologist, videographer/photographer and digital content manager with more than 20 years of experience working in broadcast media. he started his own business three years ago to help entrepreneurs and businesses attach their hard-earned marketing budgets to high quality internet content. Listen… MORE >

1:Jim Judge, I.T Expert Talks About Personal Development and Entreprene…

CREATE A BRAND OF Y.O.U.R.SLISTEN OVER 1000 CONVERSATIONSJim JudgeJim Judge sells data storage and cloud hardware and software technology and has worked in the Information Technology field for 16+ years. Professionally, Jim has a unique ability of intra-preneurship with creating value adding, revenue generating practices within large enterprise corporations. Personally Jim is involved with multiple… MORE >
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