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Brenda Walton, Women’s Empowerment Coach, international best-selling author and creator of the W.O.R.T.H.Y. program /Ep2167

brenda-walton-women-s-empowerment-coach-international-best-selling-author-and-creator-of-the-w-o-r-t-h-y-program-ep2167_thumbnail.png Brenda WaltonBrenda Walton is an international best-selling author and creator of the W.O.R.T.H.Y. program. In her books, Success University for Women in Business and Women Who Influence, she shares the powerful lessons she has learned from her ownjourney of transformation ... and she discusses the unique process she developed to support her clients in recapturing… MORE >

Elizabeth Yarnell is an award-winning author, patented inventor, educational entrepreneur, and board-certified naturopath /Ep2166

elizabeth-yarnell-is-an-award-winning-author-patented-inventor-educational-entrepreneur-and-board-certified-naturopath-ep2166_thumbnail.png Elizabeth YarnellElizabeth Yarnell has a mission to improve lives simply by changing the way we think about food. Inspired by a 1999 diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, she is an award-winning author, patented inventor, educational entrepreneur, and board-certified naturopath obsessed with the connection between what we eat and how we feel. She shares research from the… MORE >

Elizabeth Ross Holstrom is a natural entrepreneur, connector and systems change architect /Ep2165

elizabeth-ross-holstrom-is-a-natural-entrepreneur-connector-and-systems-change-architect-ep2165_thumbnail.png Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom “We are on the cusp of a major shift in business management and leadership practices; moving from boss leadership to service leadership, and employers are hustling hard to catch up. I serve CEOs who are invested in improving the employee experience and their business.” Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom is a natural entrepreneur, connector… MORE >

Ni’cola Mitchell, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Founder of Girls Who Brunch Tour /Ep2164

founder-of-girls-who-brunch-tour-ni-cola-mitchell-is-a-best-selling-author-ep2164_thumbnail.png Ni’cola Mitchell Founder of Girls Who Brunch Tour, Ni’cola Mitchell is a Best-Selling Author who was also featured in Black Enterprise 2015 as one of the 5-Follow Worthy Bloggers to Watch. She entered the literary scene with one main objective: To Stimulate Your Mind, One Word at a Time. Through her independent publishing company NCM Publishing,… MORE >

Dr Hal Blatman is treating myofascial pain disorders to effect change /Ep2163

hal-s-blatman-md-is-the-founder-and-medical-director-of-the-blatman-health-and-wellness-center-ep2163_thumbnail.png Hal S. Blatman Founder and medical director of the Blatman Health and Wellness Center, Hal S.Blatman is a nationally recognized specialist in treating myofascial pain. During Dr. Hal Blatman’s tenure in general medicine, he recognized western medicine’s difficulty treating and managing chronic and myofascial pain, so he undertook studies the late Janet Travell, MD, then recognized as… MORE >

Alena Chapman is a Soul Nurturer and two-time International Bestseller /Ep2162

alena-chapman-is-a-soul-nurturer-and-two-time-international-bestseller-ep2162_thumbnail.png Alena Chapman Not just a Thought Leader or Spiritual Transformational Leader. Alena Chapman is a Soul Nurturer whose company “Chapman Life Institute” works with clients to identify what they really want to achieve in life. Alena is a TWO Time Inter- national Bestseller, has more than 30 years of deep study with Bob Proctor and… MORE >

Maria Ross, founder of Red Slice, believes cash flow, creativity, and compassion are not mutually exclusive /Ep2161

maria-ross-is-a-brand-strategist-speaker-and-author-ep2161_thumbnail.png Maria Ross Brand strategist, speaker and author, Maria Ross, believes cash flow, creativity, and compassion are not mutually exclusive. She is the founder of Red Slice, a brand consultancy that helps entrepreneurs, startups and fast-growth businesses craft irresistible brand strategies that attract and engage their ideal customers. Maria inspires clients and audiences to use their… MORE >