1449:Tristan K'Nell is a specialist in Media & Finance

1449:Tristan K’Nell is a specialist in Media & Finance

Tristan K’Nell-

Tristan K’Nell: Specialist in Media & Finance. I have served as Managing Director, Head of Trading and Senior Equities & Derivatives Dealer at reputable Australian brands.

I am the creator, producer and host of the Talking with TK Podcast and The Vision Board Podcast which serves as a unique platform interviewing successful athletes, entrepreneurs and wellness experts from around the globe. Guests have included the likes of Evander Holyfield, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jonathan Thurston, Anthony Mundine, George Foreman, Kieren Perkins, Steve Waugh, Grant Cardone and Charles Poliquin.

I am regularly featured in the financial media, with TV appearances on Sky News Business and Channel News Asia with my market comments regularly featured in The Australian, AFR, Sydney Morning Herald, Bloomberg, Business Spectator and News.com.au.