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Trista Ainsworth-

Trista Ainsworth was born and raised in Oregon. She grew up living out in the country with her parents and younger brother. She remembers when her mom showed her a cookbook for children that she used when she was a child. Trista was thrilled and the first recipe she tried in the book was cinnamon toast. Later on she made lemonade and other recipes from the book. She felt proud and thrilled to be making dishes for her family. Her first “commercial venture” was selling some “biscuits” that she made from flour and water on her family’s deck. Later on, her mom gave her free reign in the kitchen and she began to learn how to make more complicated dishes and often cooked and baked for family dinners and parties.

Now, she lives with her husband and son in Beaverton, Oregon. While working as a part time English as a Second Language instructor for a community college she started her first business baking goodies for the farmer’s market with her mom and sister in law. Later on, she founded Cheery Pies on her own baking pies and selling them at the market as well. Finally, she created The Cheery Chef. She writes weekly recipes for her blog on her website, serves meals to clients via Josephine.com and love to continue to develop yummy and healthy recipes!


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