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Dr Tranquility Lydia

Dr Tranquility Lydia is a Mind-Body Medicine practitioner from Harvard Medical Schools Mind-Body Institute, Botanical Medicine from Colombia University Rosenthal Center@ Physicians and Surgeons. DrT also incorporates her background in Psychology & Hypnotic -Anesthesiology when she Designs her protocols.

 After her extensive work as a media expert healing through a long term illness that often left her bedridden she launched her PR “practice” connecting clients with her resources and connections to serve others while occupying her own mind. In doing so Lydia aka Dr.Tranquility designed a method to help others who have their foot off of the breaks & are ready to launch to do just that. ” If your feet are on the break your  either not driving forward  or you’ll find that you’ll keep rolling back . So lift your foot off the break and let’s rock!” she says.

Dr Tranquility’s protocols® featured or she has published pieces: Forbes.com & Yahoo, ABCNEWS.com, ABC’s the View, KISS FM, CupidsPulse.com, Metromix for the Chicago Tribune, British Glamour, REDBOOK, Cosmopolitan Magazine, promoted by Match.com & Date Therapy® On The Debbie Nigro Show WGCH am, BBC Radio London. 

Visit us on www Satorixpr.com 

Instagram :@DrTranquilityLydia.  FB:https://m.facebook.com/DateTherapy/https://m.facebook.com/DrTranquilityLydia/

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