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Tony J Selimi-

Tony J Selimi is internationally known as Human Behavior, Cognition and Emotional Intelligence Expert. To his clients he is known as the The See-Through coach and specializes in assisting people find solutions to their personal, professional and business problems, accelerate their learning, and achieve excellence in all of the eight key areas of life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Business, Money, Relationship and Love-Heart Intelligence.

Like a transparent mirror, Tony is known for his ability to see through people’s problems, unconscious behavior, thought patterns, skewed perceptions, and dis-empowering beliefs that prevent them from creating astronomical visions, results they desire, and lifestyle they dream about. He helps them clarify their values, expand their life’s vision and mission, and tap into the infinite wisdom of their interstellar existence.

As a business consultant he globally provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in talks, workshops, one to one coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, articles, radio and TV interviews as well as through his books and online downloads of the TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions.

His clients are entrepreneurs, leaders, and people from all walks of life who seek his help to manifest their highest vision, to be more healthy, wealthy, wise, spiritual and influential. They range from Celebrities, MPs, Dr’s, Scientists, Coaches, to CEO’s and Managers of FTSE 100 companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Bank of America, E&Y, Vandercom and Deutsche Bank.

Prior to Tony J Selimi becoming what most of his clients call him The See-Through coach also known fondly as “Dr Love”, he worked in senior high pressure IT roles in a wide range of sectors – including transport, retail, government and recruitment. In parallel to his personal, professional, and spiritual development Tony spent 15 years working, learning, and building a very successful career effectively leading, managing, and delivering large scale multi-million/billion IT Programs.

The experience of working in the corporate world, overcoming many personal and professional challenges, as well as coaching many people from all walks of life, gives Tony a unique insight on the pressures, challenges, and magnitude of issues his clients face on a daily basis.

Known as a rare and a gifted man whose span of experience and study encompasses broad scope of knowledge, Tony originally trained as an electrical and electronic engineer. He has now developed his unique integrated approach synthesized in the five pillars of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM that he uses with all of his clients to unlock human potential, tackle behavioral issues, and help people create balance in all of the eight key areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, business, money, relationship and love.

Tony J Selimi is #1 International Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of “A Path to Wisdom: How to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.” and “#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age”. His book got short listed for the Management Book of the Year Award, won the finalist title in the USA Book Award 2015 as well as in 2016 in Personal and Spiritual Development in three categories: General, Inspirational and Motivational. His books and work is endorsed by many of the world’s renowned public figures including the human behavior specialist Dr John Demartini who quotes:

“Tony J Selimi’s new masterpiece A Path to Wisdom is a thought provoking book that can center your soul, touch your heart and heal your body-mind.”

His newly released book #Loneliness: The Virus of Modern Age that has just been published by Balboa Press the Division of Hay House won USA and International Book 2016 Award as well as Readers Favourite Five Star Seal. This book is a call to humanity to redefine themselves in the midst of adversity. He is highlighting the global toxic effects that loneliness has on our physical, mental and emotional health, on our wealth, in our social, family, and personal and professional lives. This book has also been endorsed by many key public figures from around the world including Dr John Demartini, Dr Kim Jobst, and Baybars Altuntas who personally advised President Barack Obama.

Tony comes from a hard working family, growing up with his sister in a ghetto area of Gostivar, a small town in western Macedonia. During his younger years, he was exposed to bullying at school, illness, mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. During the civil war, everything he chose and wanted in life was taken from him. Very early on in his life, he learned that he didn’t own anything and to appreciate life.

Yet, Tony chose to overcome all that crushed his being and through it all never chose to be a victim. Instead he discovered the power of gratitude, allowance, courage, and resilience. He learned to transform life’s challenges into a gift of strength, awareness and continuous questions for life’s truths. Along the way, what came forward in him was a true kindness of being, and a phenomenal knowing that has made him an agent of change rarely seen in this world.

Today he is acknowledged worldwide for his unique perspectives on mindful coaching, global consciousness and personal transformation that are unlike anything else out there.

Tony is a University College London (UCL) engineering graduate who studied many life disciplines and received a number of professional qualifications and awards. He is a qualified coach recognized by a number of reputable institutions including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Institution of Leadership and Management (ILM), Demartini Institute, the Complementary Therapists Association, Martin Brofman’s Foundation of Advanced Healers and is a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Tony receives thousands of emails from readers around the world who share how his books, articles, seminars, posts, talks, retreats, and videos inspired them to be students of life and continue to grow more. Through his work, focus, and commitment Tony is able to lead people out of their self-criticism and innate feeling of never being enough into a sense of question, curiosity, wonder and gratitude for being alive.

He advocates mindfulness, personal development, and coaching as an empowering choice through which businesses, educational systems, governments, leaders, adults, and children can unlock their true potential. Tony beliefs in the positive impact coaching has on our personal and professional lives, in our communities, society, and universally.


Tony is no stranger to the media, appearing in various national magazines including Soul and Spirit, Global Women, Science to Sage, Migrant Women, Accelerate Your Business, Changing Careers Magazine, Consciousness Magazine, Your Wellness, Time Out, Soul Mate Relationship World Summit, TV and radio shows including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Hay House, Voice of America, Radio Macedonia, Untangled FM, Self-Discovery Radio and Spirit Radio.


He gives inspirational talks on a range of topics including: importance of women in leadership, value driven leadership, entrepreneurship, the evolution of consciousness, peace, well-being, alternative methods of healing, the impact loneliness has on global health, how to be paid your worth, activating heart’s intelligence and on various issues we face globally. Tony has been a keynote speaker at the Animas Coaching Institute, the Yes Group, Blue Cow Summit, Raw Fest, Be Inspired, Conscious Leadership Events, private functions, and Mind Body Spirit festivals. He hosts a regular webinars with his clients entitled Conversations with Your Highest Expression of Your Self.

He also loves to share his wisdom on the future of education, the importance of inclusion, diversity and equality, personal and spiritual development, as well as on many other topics that bridge science, psychology, time, space, miracles and belief.

In his talks and workshops, he uses a unique set of tools and provides step by step clear processes to get people out of the answers, conclusions and judgements that are keeping them stuck in a cycle of no choice and no change – leading them into the moments of awe that have the power to change anything.

His vision is to reach, educate, awaken the hearts and elevate the minds of 1 Billion people. His mission is to inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colors to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated, teachers, healers, and leaders of others.


Through the right environment and through the right education, training, and nurturing, Tony beliefs every human being can build their spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, business, financial, social and self-love awareness and skills, and thus may more effectively and efficiently serve humanity by exemplifying elevated human potential.


He is the co-founder of Living My Illusion Ltd, Joel and Jeton Alexander Ltd, and the founder of The Velvet Journey and TJS Cognition Ltd, a global coaching practice dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, speakers, dedicated individuals and service providers how to align themselves with Universal Laws and Principles so that they achieve quantum leaps in creating holistic prosperity, lives of purpose and the ability to say, “YES!” to themselves, to life, to others, to universe and to a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Tony is the creator of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM, twenty five conscious engineering processes developed through 30 years of research and accruing phenomenal knowledge gained by overcoming personal, professional, and business challenges, creating success in the corporate world and helping many people from all walks of life break free of shame, guilt, expectations, control, fears, trauma, addictions and other mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages that keep them in the shadow of their own light.


He just finished filming a coaching documentary titled “Living My Illusion”, is in process of writing his next three books A Path to Excellence, 365 Waves of Wisdom, as well as a unique book on why people experience heartbreak and what is it that they can do to create a loving, lasting, and soul nurturing relationship.


On his website there is a curriculum of talks, seminars, and workshops covering multiple aspects of human development; the most advanced of which is a Vital Planning for Elevated Living – a five day life enhancing seminar. The Virtuous Experience is a yearly advanced coaching package for leaders, influencers, and change makers. Each coaching program, talks, and seminars are designed to assist people to activate their inner genius, accelerate their human potential, and empower all eight key areas of their lives as mentioned before.


Tony is on a path to create a Concourse of Wisdom, app’s, the TJS Institute, Abo and Ago Value Exchange Educational Foundation to help orphaned children around the world as well as documentaries and films to help people turn on their inner switch that activates their inner light, love and wisdom.

No matter who you are, an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, a Global Leader, politician, doctor, coach, or a professional and facing daily challenges, tough decisions and in need of clarity of the next steps required to help you personally or assist you with your business issues, processes, sales teams, customers, through times of negotiations, get in touch and let Tony help you. You may book him to inspire your teams, customers, or people in your events, to book him please go to http://www.tonyselimi.com. Sign up to his news letter, follow him on social media, and get inspired to live an extraordinary life. He invites you to dance together in the rhythm of life.

Together, you too can change your circumstances and start living your best Life. He will assist you develop deep listening skills required to hear your souls voice, inspire you to be wealthy, stay healthy, and live in gratitude, for he beliefs it is the way to honour your heart, mind, spirit and life.


Tony J Selimi is known for creating amazing transformation and leaving his clients feeling inspired, empowered, peaceful, and reconnected to the infinite wisdom of love.


More about the Author: http://tonyselimi.com

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