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Tony DiRico

Tony DiRico: I’m the CEO of Profit Hunters http://www.ProfitHunters.com, a global network of Consultants, Coaches, Trainer and Advisors. We work to help individuals, teams and organizations throughout the world to realize their full Profit potential.

By providing Tools, Coaching & Consulting Services and Training Programs we assist one to achieve and exceed their Goals. We’ve been working with Independent Pharmacy Owners since 2009, helping them increase sales & profit, have more personal free time (not being a slave to their business), reduce the hassle in running a pharmacy, increase customer satisfaction and maximize the performance of their employees, marketing, physical assets etc.

Additionally, I’m the Chairman of the Board for http://www.BeSomeOne.org where our Mission is to save the lives of 50,000 at Risk Children from getting killed or going to prison and for https://greengoldfarmsghana.com/  our Mission here it to raise 20,000 Ghanaians out of severe poverty. 

Prior to founding Profit Hunters International, Inc., I was a hospitality executive with over 35+ years of experience having held senior-level positions such as President, COO and CEO with both private and public companies with responsibility for Operations, Sales and Marketing, Food and Beverage, Education and Training, Revenue Management and Quality Assurance services for as many as 5,000 hotels in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. As a franchisor and franchisee, I was instrumental in creating innovative products such as; MainStay Suites, Classic Sport’s Food Drink & Memories, holding the patent for Choice Picks and creating Topline Prophet one of the first Automated Revenue Management System in the Industry.


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