368: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Tommy Baker

368: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker-

Tommy Baker: Moving back and forth while growing up playing sports, he noticed he a lot of differences between the performance of athletes. This led him to investigate ways to train the human body efficiently.

Optimizing training, nutrition, and recovery became Tommy’s focus. In turn, he experimented with many types of each on himself, as well as prescribing them to his clients. Tommy has mentored and worked under the best coaches in all disciplines of strength and conditioning and blends his program according to the individual.

He’s got a whole slew of credentials which I won’t get into here -you can check those out on his website. At the end of the day Tommy’s goal is to inspire, motivate and create powerful results with people’s physical body to act as a catalyst to improve all other areas of life.


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